Silk Care

Silk is very strong, and you should get lots of life out of your DonkeyGirl clothing.  Due to the nature of hand-dyed materials, colors may have slight imperfections, and dye may bleed a bit in the beginning.  So don't throw your silks in the wash with your favorite white shirt.

 To best preserve the colors, always wash in cold water.  Also, avoid pouring laundry detergent directly onto the garment.  If you're using a washing machine, add the detergent last, or pour it onto an adjacent garment.

Hand-washing is great, but machine washing is fine too.  Everything can go in the dryer as well. Dryer does not need to be set to cool or gentle. 

If your silk velvet is looking a bit rumpled, you can thoroughly rinse in cold water, then wring it out and toss in the dryer with a dry towel.  The towel will fluff up the velvet nap and give it a refresh.  

Raw silk is a fairly relaxed fabric, and it's fine with some wrinkles, not unlike linen.  But it's also very easy to iron.  Just turn it inside-out to avoid iron marks.

Silk velvet can not be ironed.  Not even a little.  Use a steamer.  If you don't already have one, use your silk velvet as an excuse to get one.  They are the best!! Not just for your silks...for your whole closet.  

Now let's talk about stains.  For minor stains, use the smallest amount of stain remover and launder the garment as usual.  If you get a more serious stain, especially an oil stain, consider a trip to the dry cleaners.

Contact me if you have any other silk care questions.