Sizing Chart

Size can be a hassle -- DonkeyGirl is well aware of this! In an effort to at least give you an idea of how DonkeyGirl clothes fit, these are measurements associated with each size:

XS: Bust 31-32; Waist 23-24; Hips 33.5-35

S: Bust 33-34; Waist 25-26; Hips 35.5-37

M: Bust 35-36; Waist 27-28; Hips 37.5-39

L: Bust 37-38; Waist 29-30; Hips 39.5-41

XL: Bust 39-40.5; Waist 31-32.5; Hips 41.5-43

Hope this helps. If not, email to and I'll help you out. DonkeyGirl is all about making clothes that fit YOU, not making clothes you have to fit into. Don't by shy, ask away!